A Hays County triathlon planned for Sunday is grinding the gears of many who live near the race route.

Residents living off Lime Kiln and Hilliard Road are against the route, saying it will cause congestion and safety issues. Krista Pepau said residents living in the area will be sharing these roads with about 250 participants of the "Don't Tread on My Tri" race.

"It's just going to add to the congestion and safety issues," Pepau explained.

She said a big portion of the triathlon race will take place on Post Road, which is already busy because it is the only way in or out of her neighborhood.

"Anybody who lives in this area whether it's off of Lime Kiln or Hilliard, they have to access it from Post Road," she said. "There is no other way that we can detour traffic."

Residents said on top of that, there is a church off of Post Road which has three services on Sunday.

"Each service is packed, so that's going to be an additional chaos added to the whole situation," Pepau said.

Recently, Pepau and about 100 of her neighbors signed an online petition stating their concerns.

Hays County Commissioner Ray Whisenant sent out a letter addressing the race. In it, he said the Hays County Sheriff's Office will be regulating the event and the event's sponsor has committed to obeying the rules of the road.

An organizer for the race said he will be staggering start times to ease congestion on the road and will also have participants running and riding in single file lines.

HCSO reports the race organizer did not need a permit for the portion of this race that is on county roads.

A spokesperson for the City of San Marcos said a street closure permit for the part of the race within city limits has been issued.