Family, friends and The University of Texas honored slain freshman Harrison Brown on Friday morning. The 19-year-old was killed six months ago in the deadly stabbing on campus. During a memorial the Texas Flag was lowered, followed by a moment of silence.

Speakers from the university as well as those who knew Harrison, including his older brother, John Brown, shared stories about the legacy he's left behind.

"Harrison was determined to not let anything stop him," Brown said. "Had his life not been cut short, he would have succeeded."

The former Longhorn says Harrison possessed a positive attitude, and he saw the world as "awesome, never dull."

"My brother was a leader -- not in the traditional sense such as holding political office or running a university system -- just the simple way he lived his life," Brown said.

And among those in the crowd, Stuart Bayliss sat nearly in center row. He is one of three survivors also stabbed that day. The ceremony made him reflect on the days after the tragic attack.

"I kind of just sat there," he said. "Why did I live -- to be honest -- and Harrison got to go? But throughout this, throughout this memorial today, I think I now have an answer to that."

The UT student is in ROTC. He says after graduating, he will eventually help lead young men and women in the military.

"I'm going to take all what John said to heart, just because I want to be as great of a leader as Harrison was," Bayliss promised.

As the UT community mourns the loss of a Longhorn, those close to him say the connections Harrison made will last far beyond his one year on this campus.