If you live in Austin, or just live in Texas, avocados are pretty much a staple in most foods.

But in the last couple of weeks, shoppers have had to pay a little more at the grocery store due to a major shortage.

“Their small avocados were anywhere between 50 to 58 cents, even as of yesterday they are 88 cents and they are tiny,” Lauren Eischen said.

Eischen says she buys avocados often and noticed the price difference right away.

The reason behind the spike? Shortage from our two major suppliers as workers continue to strike in Mexico, California is experiencing a drought.

Thus, Guac-apocalypse is upon us.

“Which is a bummer!” Eischen said.

She joins the thousands of others, many taking to social media, even famous author R.L. Stine had something to say about it.

But it's not just shoppers who are having to cough up a little more, restaurants are taking a hit too, a much bigger one.

"Avocados have increased over twice the amount we have been paying. It's gone from $35 to $90 per case,” Julio's Café manager Frank Salinas said.

He went on to say there's really no way around it, many of his customer's favorite dishes have avocado. Salinas says he could opt for the $70 case, but the taste isn’t as high of quality as the ones he is currently purchasing.

Even though they are absorbing the costs, Julio’s Café still tries to conserve as much as they can. Salinas says he’s wasn’t too surprised to see the increase.

"It seems it's always something every year,” Salinas said.

Back in 2014, a major lime shortage caused an uproar due to a bad harvest in Mexico.

Julio’s Café is just one of several other eateries in the Austin area that have said they are paying hefty prices. Some restaurants say they have shopped at local grocery stores to buy in bulk to avoid paying more from their suppliers.

It’s unclear when prices will fall back down, but Salinas says he hopes things will return back to normal soon.