Round Rock Preservation is hoping to raise between $200,000 and $300,000 to restore the Old Stagecoach Inn once the city relocates it.

"Initially we formed Round Rock Preservation and it's a nonprofit organization, to help preserve and protect all the historic structures within the City of Round Rock," said Marquardt.

At their meeting Thursday, the Round Rock City Council voted to move the historic building instead of demolish it.

As part of a partnership between the City of Round Rock and TxDOT, they're making improvements to 620 west of I-35 to "enhance mobility" and the Inn is in the way.

"The original portion of the inn is situated between the two chimneys,” said Shirley Marquardt, President of Round Rock Preservation.

Built around 1850, the Old Stagecoach Inn served travelers along the Chisholm trail, and is now known as one of the oldest buildings in round rock.

"We know the bedrooms were situated on the south side, and the master bedroom was situated on the north side, with the kitchen and dining room," said Marquardt.

She helped raise $2,500 to preserve the building.

So she was happy to learn that the place which has been a temporary home to so many travelers, will now go on its own journey.

"I had a hard time going to sleep last night I was so excited,” said Marquardt. "I am overjoyed."

The building will move from its current location on RM 620 to Chisolm Trail near other historic buildings, and the Williamson Museum.

"We feel that that's an appropriate location and will maintain its visibility along the Chisolm Trail,” said Joelle Jordan, Principal planner with the city’s Planning and Development services.

She said this decision has been more than a year of work from city staff and volunteers.

"Our first steps are to stabilize this existing building,” said Jordan.

"This is a huge thing and thank you city of Round Rock for making this all possible,” said Marquardt.

It will cost the city about $560,000 to prepare, move and stabilize the building. They will only move the original structure of 1,300 square feet, not any of the additions from years later.

"They will pick it up and put it on a truck and keep it in one piece and they will relocate it to the new site," said Jordan.

At that time they will “mothball” the structure, meaning it will be preserved for about 10 years.

"We will need to do some stabilization and some masonry work, as well as most likely secure it so that people can't access once its relocated until we determine what it will be used for," said Jordan.

But, that's not enough money to restore the building.

So Marquardt is back to fundraising.

“We want full use of the Stagecoach Inn, once its relocated,” she said.

She said they hope to raise between $200,00 and $300,000 to restore the roof, floors and doors, back to the original state.

"In the initial feasibility report it said between $100,000 an $250,000 and you know costs always go over, so I'm thinking closer to $300,000,” said Marquardt.

She hopes people will be able to use the space for events, or historic tours.

"We want people to be history makers and be involved in this project because it’s a community project,” said

"It's important to the history of this city and its original settlement along the Chisolm Trail,” said Jordan.

The money to move the building is coming from the city's hotel occupancy tax.

Marquardt said there are several ways you can donate to Phase 4, the building restoration.

"They may want to fund a replacement of the window, they may want to replace the door, they may want to help with the flooring, or to put up an interior wall, or to replace the wood," said Marquardt. "To make that happen we need everyone, every amount from a dollar up is welcome, you know just do your part, become a history maker."

For more information, you can visit their website. If you would like to donate, you can mail them a check, pay on their GoFundMe page, or donate via PayPal.

"Lots of opportunities to decide how they want to make history in Round Rock,” said Marquardt.