Across the country Saturday, the group ACT for America is staging protests against Sharia law, Islam's system of religious and moral laws.

In Austin, the group gathered at the Capitol where they were met by counter protestors.

The two groups drowned each other out as they yelled chants. Members of ACT for America yelled "No Sharia in America" while the counter protestors yelled "Say it loud, say it clear Muslims are welcome here".

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers stood between the two groups to keep them apart.

"We're here marching for women's rights. And we are not a Trump movement, we are not a fascists movement, we are not an anti-Muslim movement. We are an anti public Sharia movement," said Lauren Morris the march organizer for the Austin Chapter of ACT for America.

The Southern Poverty Law Center designates ACT for America as an anti-Muslim hate group.

As tempers flared at the Capitol a calmer group gathered across the street in front of the governor's mansion to show support for Muslims and gather donations for the poor. Action Mayor Steve Adler applauded as he stood with them and talked about stopping the spread of hate.

"Our community at the very first sign of that activity at the fringe must always stand up, always stand up and say not in my city. Not in my community," Adler said as the crowd cheered.