The state of Texas added more than 38,000 non-agricultural jobs in the month of September, which helped keep the state unemployment rate just below the national level. But a deeper look into the jobs being created shows that some long-time goods producing industries are struggling as service jobs, including government jobs, continue to grow.

According to state numbers, the mining and logging industry in Texas has seen a 13.1 percent drop in employment in the last year, or a total loss of 33,800 jobs. At the same time, the manufacturing industry dropped 3.1 percent in the last year, giving up 27,000 jobs. Combined with construction the industries still employ over 1.5 million Texans, but the three have lost over 50,000 jobs in the last year.

While goods producing jobs were falling, service providing jobs in several industries have been growing. The fastest growing industry in Texas is the leisure and hospitality industry which has grown by 4.5 percent in the last year. In absolute numbers, the leisure and hospitality industry has added 56,700 jobs.

Education and health services have added the highest number of jobs in the last year, 60,300, which translated to a 3.8 percent growth. Next in the group, from a pure job creation number, might trouble some small government Texans.

Government jobs grew by 44,200 in the last year; a 2.4 percent jump from September 2015. Overall, government jobs are the second largest industry in Texas, employing 1,906,300 people. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the only industry larger in the state is “trade, transportation, and utilities.