Texas Gov. Greg Abbott plans to revamp the special education system in Texas with legislative changes on the horizon.

On Jan. 11, Gov. Abbott sent a letter to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) commissioner Mike Morath, directing TEA to prepare an action plan to reform the special education system in Texas.

The letter followed guidelines sent from The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) about the compliance of the Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that protects the needs of the country's most vulnerable students.

In the letter, Gov. Abbott expressed his concern about how the state handles special education. He expressed that more action needs to take place to protect the needs of the students and to make certain they are getting the education they deserve.

The DOE did not give a specific deadline on when they expect the plan to be finalized, but the governor does expect the initial draft for the plan within the next seven days.

Once the plan is completed, Abbott will share it with parent group leaders, special education advocacy groups and education administrations across the state.

Gov. Abbott also asked TEA to develop legislative recommendations to ensure school districts throughout Texas comply with the upcoming changes.