Across the country, Americans gathered for a day of prayer Sunday following the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Several cities in Texas impacted by the storm are still dealing with residual flooding.

In Austin, Governor Abbott joined the congregation at Hyde Park Baptist Church. While speaking at the service, Abbott said he's heartened by the speed in which the people of Texas are recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

He calls Harvey the worst natural disaster to ever occur in Texas, and possibly, the United States.

"Think of what you have seen. Think of the ways you've seen Texans helping Texans. You've seen people struggling in rising water, not knowing where they would get help. It was some stranger coming up on a stranger in a canoe or boat or a high water vehicle, literally rescuing lives," Abbott said.

The Governor says the nearly $8 billion dollars President Trump is requesting from Congress for recovery costs is a mere "down payment".

Abbott estimates the actual rebuild costs will require $180 billion in federal aid.