A Vista Ridge High School student was arrested for allegedly trying to burn down the girl's restroom by setting fire to a toilet dispenser.

According to an arrest affidavit, a teacher at the school said he caught Briana Wallick, 17, in a restroom stall with burnt toilet paper on the floor during the afternoon hours of Nov. 4.

The teacher claimed the toilet paper was lodged in an effort to set the entire roll on fire and cause extreme destruction to the restroom.

The teacher told police that Wallick had admitted to having a lighter with her in the stall and that she tried to light the end of the paper when it exploded. Wallick also allegedly added that she did it because she loves fire.

The affidavit states Wallick was confronted by authorities on Nov. 8 for a separate incident. Police said she refused to comply with staff and exclaimed she would burn the school down.