Ten-year-old Shawna Kennedy didn't ask for much on her birthday, but this summer she just wanted her brother to be home to celebrate with her.

"Every year, that is Shawna's main wish, to have her brother for her birthday," said Shawna's mother, Cassie Heinzman. "This birthday was important to her because she turned 10. And to her, it was as important as a sweet 16 is to most other girls."

So, this year Heinzman said she made arrangements to give Shawna a special surprise.

"My son, Griffin, has never been able to be at any of his sister's birthday parties because of his summer visitations to his father's home in New Mexico," said Heinzman.

To grant Shawna's biggest wish, Heinzman said she met Griffin and his father in Fort Stockton in order to bring him home to Giddings by her daughter's birthday on August 7.

Once that day arrived, they hid Griffin behind a wrapped cardboard box and let Shawna open it up. She did so with a scream and a hug, and it was all caught on tape.

"It was hilarious trying to keep him hidden in the house all day without her finding out he was home," added Heinzman. "She almost caught him twice, but everything worked out perfectly."