Georgetown's population continues to grow, but there's one place in town that's still looking for a few people to move in.

Robert Garrett opens up his Full House BBQ Food truck at the San Gabriel Food Park each day.

"We do thick cut pork chops on Saturdays,” said Garrett.

For him, business is busy.

But, he’s the only food truck in sight.

"I would love to see other trailers in here,” said Garrett.

Marc Vandusen comes to eat at the BBQ truck every few weeks.

"I come for the good food, we used to come out for the entertainment, but they don't have that anymore,” said Vandusen.

He remembers what it looked like just a few years ago.

"There was probably four or five trailers out here, and they would have a live band playing, you know kids playing,” said Vandusen.

But now, it’s a different scene.

"It's deserted now," said Vandusen. "The trailer that I ate tacos from is gone, so it looks sad."

Gregory Windham started the park back in 2012, after moving to Georgetown from Austin.

"I thought I would bring a little spice up to Georgetown,” said Windham.

He’s seen several different trucks rotate through the park.

"Sometimes they've done okay, but mostly not,” said Windham. "We had a good taco truck here for a while, but he just really couldn't, you know, he didn't stick with it."

Now he's working to bring more trucks in.

"Georgetown is a great place for it because of our huge growth we've had,” said Windham. "If you told me we had 10 trucks out here, I would say that's a great thing."

The city is looking at possibly creating new regulations for food trucks that would allow them to get longer term permits.

"We just don’t have any permanency, so to recruit people to come out here with no permanency is tough,” said Windham. "Thankfully the city has been working to get us a standardized code, which we haven't had before.”

But Garrett said perhaps the biggest problem is that new food truck owners want to see immediate profits.

"It's not a part time job, it's not a full time job, it's an overtime job,” said Garrett.

"You've got to get up here and you've got to get to work, this is kind of a do it yourself food park, you guys come in, these guys come in, you pay me a minimal amount of rent, and what we do is say look take your space and make it what you want,” said Windham.

Garrett started his food truck in Austin.

"Austin is a really tough market, and we were doing okay, we weren't doing great,” said Garrett.

He decided to open in Georgetown and has been there three years this month.

"At the time there wasn't really many BBQ options in Georgetown,” said Garrett.

Now he hopes other owners can fill the 10 spots with a variety of food truck options.

"I can't tell you the number of times I see two and three cars pull in here, everybody gets out of their car, they start talking, one person doesn't want to eat BBQ so they all get in their car and leave,” said Garrett. "The people in the community, they won't come and try a new trailer because we've had so many trailers come and go."

Windham admits, without rent from trucks, he’s paying the land’s property taxes on his own.

"Oh yeah, we lose money, yeah, we lose a little money,” said Windham.

But, he doesn’t have any plans to sell the property just yet.

"I think we'll just hold it until somebody says, oh I've got to have it, you know it's not actively being marketed for sale, I wouldn't do that to this guy, because he's a good tenant and worked his tail of and makes the best ribs in town, where am I going to get ribs," said Windham.

Garrett hopes this will be a place where families and friends come together to share a meal and memories.

"I know the people of Georgetown would love to come and support other trailers, and it could be a great place for the community to be able to come,” said Garrett. "I would love for this to be a place for the community to be able to come together and just be able to have a good time, listen to live music, possibly watch movies, movies in the park, you know just a place for the community to come and just hang out and just enjoy themselves."

And he invites other entrepreneurs to join in.

"I wouldn't be out here for three years if I wasn't making money,” said Garrett.

And as his business thrives he hopes eventually the food park will, too.

In order to attract more food truck owners, and customers, Garrett said they want to work on landscaping. He said they’re looking into plants, a river rock path, and possible shade.

He said they'll host a fundraiser for that on October 14.