Franklin BBQ is still closed after a fire tore through their smokehouse, but that isn’t stopping Pitmaster Aaron Franklin from cooking his famous BBQ.

"We might as well just stick to what we're good at and try to raise some money,” Franklin explained, laughing.

This weekend, Franklin is once again serving his award-winning BBQ more than two weeks after his restaurant closed down.

It’s not just any BBQ: the event at the Mohawk will help raise money for people rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey.

Franklin tells KVUE that while they are in the midst of repairing his own restaurant, he still wants to help other people who suffered much more during the storm.

"Kind of the same way, same heart-warming stuff with people wanting to help us out, well of course we want to help people,” he said. "The guys here are just itching to cook and we've already got a ton of meat we had already ordered and you know, lot of people need some help so let's do it."

Franklin is cooking enough meat to serve at least 400 people each day. Tickets for the event on Sept. 17 and Sept. 24. cost $30 at the door.

Food is served starting at 11 a.m. until Franklin runs out of barbecue.

It's first come, first served and all ages are welcome. Go here for details.

As for rebuilding, Franklin says they hope to reopen a temporary structure and start serving BBQ the first or second week of October.

"Probably going to demo the smokehouse next week and we're pulling permits to do a temporary structure out back just to get us open again real quick, in limited capacity,” explains Franklin.

His original pits are still in working condition. Franklin says the smokehouse will be even better the second time around.

"You know it's just a building, just some sticks and stuff. We will rebuild,” Franklin said.