Animal Protection officers rescued a not-so-sly fox from a caller’s fence Tuesday, Austin Animal Center said.

Mark Sloat, program manager for field services with Austin Animal Center, said they got a call from a citizen saying a female fox was stuck in a fence. He said they sent two Animal Protection officers to the residence on Rogge Lane. One officer was able to subdue the fox while the other got the animal’s foot free from in between the slats of the fence.

Sloat said the officers then took the gray fox, which he said are common in the area, to Wildlife Rescue Inc. in case it had any severe injuries. They dubbed her healthy enough to be released and the animal was set free in a safe area near where she was found, he told KVUE.

The Austin Animal Center said another fox in a similar situation was rescued from a fence last week. Sloat mentioned that both animals were extremely lucky, as this type of situation commonly causes injuries that require euthanasia.