It was a Fourth of July parade at the airport. The travelers, took a moment to turn and honor those who'd fought to keep our country independent, as dozens of veterans strolled through ABIA's main concourse to cheers and music.

"We have a group of WWII veterans, Korean veterans and Vietnam veterans," Honor Flight Austin Chairman Allen Bergeron said. "Let's give them a round of applause ladies and gentleman."

The flight was planned on Independence Day as a special memorial and celebration.

"Today we're celebrating our nation's independence, taking a group of veterans to Washington D.C. to see and experience their memorials, but more importantly to see some amazing fireworks at the Capitol," Bergeron said.

Korean War veteran Al Auchstetter said he is excited to see the memorials but also "The fireworks and the band that we're going to see playing during the fireworks. That will be a special trip!"

World War II veteran Raymond Patterson said he was initially surprised to find that these trips were still running, but happy to be a part of this one.

"It's wonderful," he said. "I didn't know they still had anything like this going on, but it's wonderful."

The men and women on the flight were welcomed by a large crowd when they landed in DC, but the folks at Honor Flight Austin want to do the same for them when they arrive home. They're asking folks to gather at the JetBlue ticketing booth Wednesday night at 8 p.m. to welcome home the veterans.