Four fourth grade friends --- Kyndall, Kassidy, Kaydence Wilkenson and Kenzie Vo --- are practicing for the spelling bee.

They are passionate about reading and spelling.

"It helps you with your vocabulary and spelling and it's really fun to read all the time," said Kenzie Vo.

"I like books with like superheroes in it,” said Kaydence.

"We've all been in the spelling bee, these two have been in the classroom and me and Kaydence have been in the school spelling bee,” said Kenzie.

The 'fab four,' as they call themselves, didn't qualify to compete this year.

"The word that I lost on was curfew,” said Kaydence.

They created a YouTube video for the Spellebrity Video Contest for students in first through eighth grades -- inspiring others to read.

"We thought about Dr. Seuss books and how it's like a poem,” said Kaydence.

The girls' video made it to the top 10 semifinalists.

"If you didn't know how to read, you wouldn't know how to spell, so I guess they're kind of linked,” said Kyndall.

The top five groups win a trip to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, something these students have always wanted to do.

"I've always wanted to be there and I've always wanted to see Washington DC, I thought it would be so awesome," said Kenzie.

"I wanted to go to Washington DC and fly on an airplane,” said Kassidy.

"I wanted to enter because I wanted to go on a plane, and I wanted to see how other people spell,” said Kaydence.

Now they need votes from the public, to see the competition in person.

"We really appreciate it so much,” said Kenzie.

“Because every single vote counts,” said Kaydence.

“And I want to fly on a plane!” added Kyndall.

But they're still hoping one day, they'll be the ones competing.

You can vote to send the group to D.C. by going to the link here.

Voting closes March 25.

Last year, fifth-grader NiharJanga from Austin took home the Scripps National Spelling Bee top prize.