ASHEBORO, N.C. -- "I was walking in the park with my grandchildren in the summer time and I found this beautiful daisy."

Two flowers, one stem. Pat Lay wouldn't know the significance until later, when Candice and Grayson McNeill came to her church outside of Cincinnati.

"The daisy was a little reminder that I was meeting someone really special," Lay says.

That someone special was conjoined twins Emily and Sophie, born to Candice and Grayson under special care at the Children's Hospital in Cincinnati.

There were a lot of complications and the McNeill family sought the power of prayer to help them through at Northern Kentucky Baptist Church.

Candice was in Cincinnati for the last part of her pregnancy and through the birth, a total of 70 days. Grayson was going back and forth between Ohio and their home in Asheboro, to take care of their three other daughters. The twins passed away earlier this month.

"It's amazing to watch a family of faith go through trial such as this," explains Troy Carter, the family's pastor at their home church, East Side Baptist Church.

"We don't question why, we just trust," Carter says.

And at the twin's funeral Friday, you see that trust in faith and in community. The McNeill's home congregation merged with their new support system from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Baptist Church. Tony Tittle is Lay's son. They, along with several other people from Northern Kentucky, drove to North Carolina for the funeral.

"We just wanted to come down and show them we loved them," he says.

And despite the circumstances, Emily and Sophie's 5 weeks and 3 days on Earth have been a blessing.

"Today we have a funeral but starting tomorrow and the months to come, we'll never be the same," Carter says.