Austin- area chef Miguel Ravago, known for his mastery of authentic Mexican cuisine, died at the age of 72 Saturday after battling lung cancer, according to Austin 360.

Ravago, who co-founded Fonda San Miguel, a restaurant known for its bona fide Mexican interior design and recipes, had an interest in cooking from an early age.

"It's really popular," Michael Edgar said. "Really respected for their food."

Ravago spent many hours in his grandmother's kitchen which inspired many of the dishes served at the restaurant.

<p>Exterior of Fonda San Miguel in Austin, Texas</p>

"He, of course, was a fabulous professional chef that really initiated what's now called interior Mexican food," said Ravago's comrade Tom Gilliland.

With over 40 years of experience in the Austin culinary world, Ravago also became one of the city's biggest advocates. According to Austin 360, he attended food-related events all over the world, singing the praises of the capital city's expertise in Mexican food.

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In fact, along with everyday people, the families of presidents Lyndon B Johnson and George W. Bush frequently attended Fonda San Miguel.

Ravago was diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of 2017, Austin 360 reports. He leaves behind his spouse, Phillipe Mercie; their dogs, Dita and Digby; and his sister Betty.

"I miss him," Gilliand said. "He's my best friend forever. He's been my best friend for almost 50 years."

A celebration of Ravago's life will be held at Fonda San Miguel at 5:30 p.m Sunday, July 2.The event is open to the public.