Layton Vicencio has had a tough time right from the start.

“As soon as she was born, and they went to cut the umbilical cord, she turned blue and stopped breathing right away,” her mom, Allison Vicencio, explained.

Layton's vocal chords were paralyzed, and she needed a tracheostomy in her neck. The past few years have called for 24-hour supervision and hospital visits in Houston.

Vicencio said life is a juggle.

Her husband is a multi-tour veteran who is disabled after serving in Iraq. She said, because of PTSD, he stays home with their other kids, while Allison or their nurse take Layton to doctor’s appointments.

The family waited two-and-a-half years for surgery, which Layton just underwent a few days ago. The life-changing operation will allow for a sense of normalcy for the little girl, like finally being able to swim in a pool or play at the park.

Vicencio said her heart breaks for her little girl, the youngest of five, who has to be under constant care. She said Layton is a fighter through it all.

“Nothing holds her back, she's always smiling, she loves people to death," Vicencio explained.

Layton’s smile is what caught Flying Man Brewing Co. Co-Owner Matt Barker's attention. He has a child the same age as Layton and feels for her family.

“When I see other parents that are going through this, it's touching,” Barker explained. “My heart absolutely goes out to them, and, to be able to help out, it's important to us.”

He and Adam Caudill, co-owner and veteran, are hosting a fundraiser to help with the family's costs and give back to a fellow veteran.

“Having a partially veteran-owned company, this is something that's important to us,” Barker said. “I have a lot of family members in service as well, and it's just something that we believe in here.”

The fundraiser starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday. One dollar from every pint sold will go toward helping Layton and her family.

Doctors said Layton will need to stay in the hospital for two more weeks and will need a few more checkups after that before she is all clear. They expect her to be able to play sports and enjoy and active lifestyle like any other kid.