After two sixth grade students from Florence Middle School claimed they were forced to crawl on an asphalt track as punishment, seemingly leaving their hands blistered, the Florence Police Department said they have submitted the investigation to the Williamson County District Attorney's Office for review.

Parents of the children said the incident happened during gym class with two substitute teachers. The teachers allegedly made the students bear crawl on the track for 100 yards on the track because two other students in the class had cussed at the substitutes the day before.

The students' families filed criminal complaints, sparking an investigation by the police department and Child Protective Services. The substitute teachers have since been banned from campus due to the ongoing investigation, the school said.

As of Tuesday, Dec. 12, no criminal charges have been filed.

Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick told KVUE he would not comment on the issue at this time.

This story will update as more information becomes available.