Lt. James Baker, the former Austin fire lieutenant who was charged with secretly recording a female firefighter in a locker room was previously the subject of complaints by his fellow firefighters in 2013, documents show.

Baker, who retired from the department earlier this year after a female firefighter discovered a hidden camera as she stepped out of a shower at the Central Fire Station, was accused of inappropriately touching women during medical screenings as a first responder.


Former fire lieutenant charged for placing hidden camera in women's locker room, police say

Firefighters said Baker touched the women's chests under their shirts -- a "technique" they said they had never been taught and that made them uncomfortable.

"This assessment may be the thing to do in his eyes, but it makes firefighters that respond with him uncomfortable," a firefighter wrote in a report.

The department, in a statement this week, said they routed the complaints to the city's medical director, whose job is to ensure first responders are using proper techniques. The statement said that they found Baker violated no standards of care.

However, the union contends the department should have done a more thorough investigation that would have included interviewing the firefighters.