Austin Independent School District Police was called out to Oak Hill Elementary School in southwest Austin Thursday after a teacher reported that a student brought two plastic BB guns to school and fired a round in the classroom, school officials confirmed in a letter to parents.

Principal Lori Komassa said the round hit multiple students, but fortunately, did not break through their skin. Komassa added that the teacher immediately called the police and confiscated both BB guns. Other administrators, counselors, and the school nurse responded to the classroom as well.

Komassa noted that bringing weapons to school - whether it's considered a toy or not - is a serious violation of the AISD Student Code of Conduct.

Read the letter in full below: 

Dear Oak Hill Elementary School Community,
The safety of all Oak Hill Elementary School students is our top priority. With this in
mind, I am writing to let you know about an incident that occurred today.
A fifth-grade student brought two BB guns to school and shot one of them in his
classroom, hitting multiple students. Thankfully, none of the BBs broke the skin. His
teacher responded immediately, confiscated the BB guns and called AISD Police.
Administrators, counselors and the school nurse responded as well.
I would like to use this opportunity to remind our Oak Hill families about the dangers
of students bringing certain items, including toy guns, to school. Possession of any
type of weapon—including a toy gun or a BB gun—is a serious violation of the AISD
Student Code of Conduct.
Please review with your students the Code of Conduct, which outlines items not
allowed on school property. This will help us ensure the future safety of all our
students and staff members.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at 512-414-2336 if you have any concerns. As
always, we appreciate your support of our students and staff at Oak Hill Elementary
Principal Lori Komassa
Oak Hill Elementary School