A warning for realtors in the Austin area after several different women have reported feeling uncomfortable and alarmed by a man claiming to be looking for a home.

According to one of the real estate brokers who called Austin Police, the man started acting suspicious in February.

He would claim different stories about where he worked and insist on seeing condos and townhomes multiple times with the same female agents.

"He insisted on tagging along and basically doing the exact same tour all over again and that's not normal behavior,” said the realtor.

While she said they try to be accommodating to all their clients' needs, he also began calling at all hours of the night on an unlisted number while leaving frantic voicemails.

Then he began showing up to her office over and over again.

While he hasn't physically harmed anyone, she says his behavior is alarming and it seems to be escalating.

"He was wearing leather gloves in the middle of the day, 85 degrees outside,” she explained about one incident in particular. “He kept trying to lure her to the back of the office. She was by herself and felt very uncomfortable."

The real estate agent called 9-1-1 to make a report. It was then she learned that APD had been getting complaints about the same man from other agents.

"Come to find out it's not just my company, it's actually women throughout Austin."

Austin Police Detectives are investigating and looking for the man.

He has not been charged with a crime so KVUE cannot disclose his name.

He is described as a very tall white male with dark hair. He is from New York and often carries shopping bags from high-end department stores filled with other smaller bags.

Female realtors give this advice to other women to protect themselves:

  • Screen potential clients online and make a copy of their driver's license before a showing
  • Have a group text with other realtors and a designated safe word
  • Download a GPS app on the phone so friends or family know where you are at all times
  • Carry mace on your keychain
  • Wear a button on your purse or necklace that links directly to 9-1-1 (you can find that product here -- https://www.roarforgood.com/)