Georgetown police said a father has been charged with injury to a child after Georgetown police received a CPS referral alleging physical abuse.

On Sept. 21, police said they made contact with the CPS investigator who spoke with the child. The CPS investigator said that the 7-year-old received a "spanking" with a belt by his father, Cody Hicks.

According to court documents, photos taken of the child showed severe deep bruises to his right rear thigh in different stages of healing that measured approximately five to seven inches in length and four to five inches in height.

On Sept. 22, the documents state that the Children's Advocacy Center conducted an interview with the victim where the child informed that a masked man entered his residence and began to hit him with a belt repeatedly all over his body. The child informed the forensic nurse at the CAC that he was given the "whipping" of his life with a belt by his father.

Police said Hicks stated he has been having disciplinary issues with his child and that he had recently taken custody of him from his mother due to them being homeless and living out of a car. He also stated that he had run out of ways of disciplining the victim and did hit him to discipline him but lost control while doing it.