It's the first time in a year that Uber and Lyft are able to operate in Austin. In their absence, Fasten was one of the apps dominating the ridesharing industry.

The company put on a festival and concerts Saturday to celebrate their one year anniversary.

"Austin was always on the list on the cities we were going to go to, but it was number two, it became number two because Prop 1 happened in Austin,” Fasten's Vlad Christoft said.

Prop 1 is the requirement for rideshare companies to enforce fingerprint background checks as well as other conditions, requirements that Uber and Lyft refused last Spring. Now, the two major companies have made a comeback, something Fasten's COO isn't worried about.

“We're growing, and we know what competition looks like we've been competing with them in Boston for almost two years now,” he added.

Christoft believes they've reached a milestone.

"Simply because we were needed. Drivers needed to make money, riders need something to get around--it just made perfect sense,” he said.

For some riders, like Eugene Sherer who moved to Austin last year, the app is their go-to, and don’t feel having other options is going to impact them.

"Now that I'm used to Fasten, I'm not going to change because Uber or Lyft came in,” Sherer said.

'I've always liked sticking up for the little guy,” Fasten user Lance Lyons said.

Although, the competition is still fierce, for driver Corey Black, he says it's loyalty that will keep them going.

"Our feeling is tourist will go back to Uber and Lyft because they are familiar with it and they use it in their city. And have only one or two apps. And where as locals when UT students come back in session for fall---you know what the demand is going to be. I really hope the vast majority of the stick with fasten,” Black said.