With Fare announcing their departure from Austin this week, KVUE reached out to the non-profit ride-share group Ride Austin to see if they had plans to follow suit.

Fans of the Austin-based ride share can breathe easy -- Ride Austin has no plans of leaving the city they came to following Uber and Lyft's departure last year.

However, Ride Austin C.O.O Marisa Goldenberg said that they are feeling the effects of Uber and Lyft's return.

"The timing of their return also coincides with a slow period in the summer," she said. "But we were down 55 percent looking at Monday through Sunday of the previous week."

Goldenberg said they have a floor of 20,000 rides per week. As long as that threshold continues to be met, they will stay open in Austin.

And that's why they're asking riders for help. Goldenberg pointed out that their non-profit is the only one that does not cut into drivers profits and that their round up function has allowed them to raise more than $250,000 for charities in the area.

"When you use Ride Austin, it's kind of like the concept of buying local organic, you're doing something good for the community. You're paying drivers a fair wage on a day to day basis," Goldenberg said.

She said their goal now is to keep working with local companies and groups to get their name out more and keep trying to give back to the community.