University of Texas fans went to Dallas on Saturday with high expectations for the Red River Showdown between Texas and Oklahoma University, one of the biggest rivalries in college football.

At halftime, it seemed like there was still hope for the Longhorns, but by the fourth quarter, fans were streaming out of the stadium.

Fans walked away from the game questioning the Longhorns head coach, Charlie Strong.

"Good luck Charlie Strong, thanks for everything. Better update that resume, get on," one fan said as he left the stadium.

"They'll ride with Charlie for the rest of the season, but that's about it," another fan said.

But other fans remained more optimistic.

"I love Charlie Strong," one fan said. "I hope they don't get rid of him. Give him some time to get through the kinks. Let him get his draft picks in here and work his guys and we're going to be alright."

The Longhorns will face Iowa State at home next Saturday, October 15.