Just days after losing their loved one, the family of Jordan Rodriguez is sharing his story.

Sunday afternoon, Rodriguez's sister and step-mom sifted through old pictures, remembering the better times they had together at football games and birthday parties.

"Jordan had a very outgoing personality," his step-mom Ashley Rodriguez said. "It didn't matter where he went, he would make friends."

Their memories are all they have left of their loved one. The 20-year-old was found shot to death in the back of a pickup truck outside a Del Valle home off Linden Road early Thursday morning.

"It's been pretty tough for the whole family," Ashley said. "It's very unexpected and you think something like this wouldn't happen to your family."

"I just don't feel like I have a chance to really accept and process everything until I find out who did this," his sister Alyssa Rodriguez said.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office is investigating. Deputies said that before Rodriguez was found, someone called 911 and reported that their friend had been left at the home bleeding and unconscious. Although no suspect has been named in the murder, Carrington Waites has been arrested as a person of interest and is charged with tampering with evidence. Deputies said he hid a shotgun that had been in the truck. KVUE asked Rodriguez's family if they had any more details.

"I mean pretty much what is in the news is what we know right now," Alyssa said. "I know detectives are working on it."

They want to know more and are begging for answers.

"The main thing I think about night and day is I want to know what happened and who did this," Alyssa said.

One thing they do know is that Rodriguez did not have a loving face to look at in his final moments.

"It's not okay," Alyssa said.

Rodriguez's family says Jordan's funeral is planned for Tuesday.

They've created a GoFundMe page for expenses. If you'd like to donate, click here.

Over the course of two years, Linden Road has been the scene of several unsolved homicide cases.

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