More than one year after San Antonio teen David Molak committed suicide, his family testified Thursday at a state affairs public hearing on behalf of "David's Law."

The 16-year-old killed himself after his family said he was cyberbullied at two different schools in San Antonio.

Molak's parents were emotional at the hearing, but also firm in what they are trying to accomplish. It was the first time the Senate floor heard testimony from the Molaks. The bill, filed back in November, aims to prevent and combat cyberbullying by making schools across the state to include cyberbullying in their district policies. It would also offer an anonymous avenue for students to report these issues.

Molak's parents said they want to ensure this issue is being addressed, especially in the age of social media.

"This issue we've learned is so devastating to the brain," his mother said. "Kids just have a very difficult time being able to process through it because not only do the words themselves hurt but they feel like their entire social circles see the words and then it's shared over and over again."

Sen. Jose Menendez and state representative Ina Minjarez, who are supporting the bill, said Texas school districts must get to a place where students are more willing and able to approach an adult about cyberbullying. They said that currently, there is a social stigma to keep it internalized.

Opponents of the bill say that the addition of cyberbullying cases could clog up the courts.