It's been viewed more than a million times online, but for Shirley Donald, a video of her son's arrest by Austin police officers is too hard to watch.

She believes officers used excessive force while trying arrest her son, Jason Donald, on Tuesday at a Shell station near East Ninth Street downtown.

APD said it was on drug-related charges, but Shirley believes there is more to the story.


APD investigating officers after arrest video goes viral

Man in viral arrest video broke free of handcuffs before altercation: Austin police

"How am I to know they didn't plant that on my son," Shirley said.

In the video posted on Facebook Tuesday, Donald is handcuffed as officers walk him out of the store and around the side of the building.

But, according to APD, what you didn't see was caught on a second video from the store's security camera. Officers say it shows Donald slipping one of his hands out of the cuffs.

"If his hands came out of the handcuffs they had to have taken them off," Shirley said.

In the video, officers appear to punch and stun Donald as they try to restrain him.

Shirley says the officers should be held accountable for their actions.

"I'm not talking about just suspending them, give them some jail in the penitentiary like they did my son," Shirley said.

Donald has a criminal past. Shirley believes her son was a target.

"They been picking at him ever sense he beat a dope case, even when he came over here they were picking at him," Shirley said.

Chief Manley says they're investigating the arrest and the garments worn by the officers in the video. Investigators plan to release the second video soon to the public.

Chief Manley says the officers involved are still on duty.

Donald is in the Travis County jail charged with resisting arrest, search or transport.