Family has identified the man who drowned in Lady Bird Lake Saturday morning after jumping in to retrieve a woman's purse.

The Austin Police Department told KVUE on Saturday that the man in his 30s was on the 1st Street bridge overlooking the lake with a woman at around 7 a.m. when her purse fell in. The man ran down to the shore and jumped in to get it. At some point he went under. Later in the afternoon, Austin-Travis County EMS told KVUE they found his body.

According to family members who spoke with KVUE, the man who died was Teddy Carter. Authorities have not confirmed with KVUE that Carter was the man who drowned.

Carter's mother, Kim Hatfield, told KVUE's Erin Jones that she last saw him about a month ago. She told KVUE he was homeless by choice, but still spoke with his family frequently. Hatfield said he had a love for people -- and that's why he chose to be homeless. He wanted to help them.