Austin police are investigating a twist in a shocking case about an alleged kidnapping, robbery and rape involving five victims.

APD's Sex Crimes Unit is reviewing a Facebook post that appears to come from one of the suspects who claims the story the women told was all wrong. He said that, instead, the women were trying to rob him.

Facebook user Pablo Pesos, who listed his nickname as Manny, is likely Emmanuel Grear, the 20-year-old Austin man who was arrested Thursday in Corpus Christi.

Pesos claims in the post that he did not meet the girls at a gas station, like they told police, but that he initially contacted them because they are prostitutes. He went on to say that the girls stole a safe from him while at his apartment and he and his friends held them and their phones hostage as a way to retrieve his belongings.

The post also contains a video of their cell phone chat display. The Facebook profile has since been deleted.


The women, in this case, told police an entirely different version of the night’s events. According to the affidavit, the women described in graphic detail how they went to the apartment to buy drugs, but instead were raped and held hostage, until one of them escaped and was able to call the police.

23-year-old Demetri Rogers is facing aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery charges in this case. His mother told KVUE she knew the original story was wrong because her son wouldn't do something that would keep him away from his own children.

“I wasn’t surprised because I knew that wasn't his character, I didn't believe it just one bit. I was in the moment of thinking about the boys and making sure they were okay in this whole process, but I didn't believe it from day one,” said Demetri’s mother, Sarina Rogers.

"I'm hoping these girls will tell the truth, I really do," Sarina said.

Demetri's girlfriend told KVUE that he had been Grear's roommate for a couple of months and he wasn't involved in the incident.

Detectives in the Sex Crimes Unit said they are aware of this and are handling it, adding they have no further comment.

Christopher Jaramillo, 19, was arrested for aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping and driving under the influence in connection with the incident.

Police have yet to identify the fourth suspect in this incident.