This weekend downtown Austin was crawling with race car enthusiasts for Formula One.

"So, this is really the only place you can see F1 in the United States,” fan Kelly Shumway said. “Austin is pretty cool because there is a dedicated track here, in other countries like in Monaco they use the streets."

The big race is Sunday and to help rev up the event, Fan Fest is taking over.

“Because last year it was raining and it was not possible to see the stands,” Visitor Gabriel Sanchez said.

The two-day event began Friday on east Sixth Street. Fans had the chance to see special exhibits, car displays, as well as experience what it’s like to enter the world of virtual reality.

"For me, I'm a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, I like the fast races. The ambiance of it, it's the biggest sporting event worldwide,” Shumway said.

From Mexico to England, fans from all over are ready to see a close competition, like Carle Bradly who is visiting from Manchester.

"Well we're going to be here supporting the British drivers,” Bradley said.

It’s his first time at the festival.

“I'm really surprised on how varied everything is. It's not typical America, there is a lot to see, there's a lot of different things, yeah we're enjoying it,” Bradley said.

Fan Fest is in additional to big performances from Taylor Swift and Usher Saturday and Sunday.