From Pong to Pokemon, video games have changed a lot over the years. That change is now documented in the Bullock Texas State History Museum's latest exhibit, "The of Evolution Electronic Gaming."

It takes classic video game lovers and high-tech gamers through the last 50 years of gaming history.

"I can't believe the graphics we have now and how realistic some of the games have become," said visitor Danielle Reque.

"It's a very intergenerational kind of experience," said deputy director of the Bullock History Museum, Margaret Koch.

Koch said the sights and sounds of electronic games is something people of all ages can connect with.

"In the exhibition you can play 14 different games," Koch said.

Duncan Sweeney is an avid video game collector who has been collecting since he was a young boy. He came to the exhibit to check out a few he hasn't been able to get this hands on.

"I own over 750 games right now," Sweeney said. "There's a few obscure ones here that I haven't heard of before."

Sweeney said what he loves most about collecting is the connection he's made with other gamers.

"I made a lot of friends because of it," Sweeney said.

"It was one of the first memories I have where our entire family was able to come together," Reque said.

Visitors said while we don't know for sure what the future of gaming will look like, the connection is one thing they think will always stay the same.

To learn more about the history of gaming exhibit, go here.