One student at Elgin Middle School was hospitalized Thursday after he had a bad reaction to a drug he was allegedly given by another child on campus, Elgin police confirmed to KVUE Friday.

The eighth grader's mother, Brandi Nicole Hernandez, told KVUE Friday that her son was in third period Thursday when another student asked him if he wanted a "Tic Tac." She said her son took the "Tic Tac" and bit into it, realized it tasted "funny" and wanted to spit it out. At this point, however, she said the "Tic Tac" had already dissolved. She said her son asked the student what was given to him, and the student allegedly replied, "a drug." The mother told KVUE that the student threatened to beat him up if he said anything to anyone.

Chris Bratton with the Elgin Police Department confirmed to KVUE that two or three juveniles -- who have not been identified -- gave some sort of a drug to two or three other children at Elgin Middle School Thursday.

At lunch time, the boy said that he started to panic before he went to his football coach. He was then taken to a school nurse, who called his mother at around 12:30 p.m., she said. When he got home, his mother said that he began shaking uncontrollably. At this point, she said she called an ambulance and he was taken to Dell Children's Medical Center. She said a doctor there tested his urine, which she said showed he had Xanax in his system.

Bratton with Elgin PD confirmed that the students who took the drug had a reaction to the drug, with one of them going to the hospital. Bratton said he did not know at what time the drug was distributed, and that he was contacted after the child went to the hospital.

The boy's mother told KVUE that four boys -- including her son -- have been suspended for three days.

The chief said the investigation is ongoing and that he could not go into detail about the children because they are all juveniles.

Elgin Independent School District's superintendent gave KVUE the following statement Friday:

The incident involving a student at Elgin Middle School is a matter that the district takes very seriously. Appropriate steps are being taken by the campus administration to fully investigate this matter. All students implicated will be disciplined in accordance with our student code of conduct.