It's business as usual for Caroline Bradford at The Liney Moon, except this week her guests are not on vacation.

"Today we will have 50 evacuees," Bradford said.

They're people like Jason and Jennifer Bradshaw who came to the hotel after their Rockport home was hit by Hurricane Harvey.

"It's just been an emotional roller coaster," Jennifer said.

Bradford too is a Rockport native and said after seeing all the devastation the hurricane left behind, she felt compelled to help.

"It just hit home you know," she said. "I know a lot of family and friends who lost their homes and just regardless of if you know them or not, it's just terrible."

The Bradshaws don't have a home to go home to.

"Our neighborhood looks like a war zone," Jason said.

"He's been back, I haven't," Jennifer said. "He doesn't think I can handle going back right now."

Bradford has opened up The Liney Moon to all evacuees free of charge. She said she's trying to make them feel at home and offering them food, drinks and supplies.

"I kind of teased that we went from evacuation to vacation," Sugarland evacuee Lydia Buhanan said. "We got settled into an awesome vacation home."

While their thoughts and prayers are with the cities they come from, evacuees said staying at the hotel has helped to ease the their pain.

"We're just happy to be able to help and do what we can here in Dripping Springs," Bradford said.

Bradford said she knows her hometown would do the same for her, if the roles were reversed.