AUSTIN – As part of a country-wide initiative, more precautions are being taken around school buses to keep kids safe.

This week is known as "National School Bus Safety Week," a time when the Texas Department of Public Safety will be sending out troopers to areas where buses pick up and drop off students. The goal of this initiative is to catch drivers who put students at risk by breaking the law around these buses.

It is illegal for any driver to pass a school bus that is stopped and operating a visual signal such as flashing red lights or a stop sign. State law says a driver may not proceed until the bus resumes moving, the visual signal is no longer on, or if the bus driver signals them to proceed. A first offender could face a fine as high as $1,250. Repeat offenders could have their license suspended, according to state law.

Even if you don't get pulled over, that's not the only way you can get caught. School buses in Austin are equipped with cameras, meaning you could still get a fine in the mail at a later date.