Downtown Austin is one of the most popular places to live within the city and according to the Downtown Austin Alliance, an estimated about 15,000 people call the area home.

By 2040, that number is expected to double. With that growth, companies in the area are working to keep up, which is why Royal Blue Grocery is expanding.

About 10 years ago, when more people started moving to downtown Austin, Craig Stanley noticed the lack of grocery stores.

"There wasn't anything downtown," Stanley said.

He came up with an idea to create one. The first Royal Blue Grocery opened in 2006.

It was a hit, so Stanley and his partner opened six more.

"We're a place you can kind of get a little bit of everything," Stanley said.

At Royal Blue Grocery you can find anything from your staples to a wide selection of food and drink options from local Austin companies.

"It's just taken off," Stanley said.

So much so that even some of their stores can't keep up with the growing crowds.

That's why they opened their newest store off Third and Lavaca to replace their old Second Street District location. It's twice as big.

"It makes room for a lot of outdoor seating," Stanley said. "We knew the neighborhood really wanted that."

"I was actually anticipating the opening of this place," downtown resident Patrick Murphy said.

Murphy lives in the apartments above the grocer.

"I really like the fact that this place is so convenient," Murphy said.

"It's more accessible here."

Downtown residents are hoping more companies catch on to the appeal, saying what needs to come next is a gas station.