At MetroFlex Gym in North Austin, Manager Luciano Rehak and staff are gearing up for a lot more clients.

"All gyms have it this time of year," Rehak said. "They come and go, they come and go."

He said every year, folks come in the doors wanting to look like the regulars at the gym and every year, "Lou" says the more the merrier.

"You gotta start somewhere," Rehak said. "Start strong and don't let anyone discourage you."

But, every year, he said he sees folks walk right back out the doors again, just days later, never to return.

"Most people get discouraged because they don't see results or they don't start reaching things," he said.

When it comes to hitting the gym, Lou said you have to turn lofty resolutions into achievable goals.

"A goal is something you set and you achieve that takes you to the next level," he said. "If they set one goal, they can set another and it becomes an endless ladder to success."

Rehak said goals need to be smaller, achievable and realistic based of individual skills. An idea Dr. Mark Shannan agreed with when talking about nutrition and overall health.

"As I work with patients everyday," Dr. Shannan said, "they're striving for health, but they don't know what to do."

Dr. Shannan authored "The Original Design for Health," a book designed to help overwhelmed and eager individuals get a grasp on and plan for their health.

"Often, people are saying 'all right, I'm gonna hit the gym,' but about halfway through this month, they start losing steam because so many other areas of their lives are lacking a little bit," he said. "Motivation has to be ... a little deeper. It has to be a lot deeper."

Dr. Shannan was inspired to write his book after years as a chiropractor and nutritionist and after seeing his father succeed before him.

"He is in his 57th year of practice and he's 83 years old," Dr. Shannan said of his father. "He is living the result of what I talk about in my book."

In his book, Dr. Shannan described three steps to start making an approachable and attainable plan:

1. Assess your current health: "Take an honest assessment of where you are in your life and all of the factors that we talk about for health."

2. Gather Information: "You've got to figure out what it is you want to do, where you're feeling led, what you need to change in your life and then make a plan."

3. Take a step: "Just start. Take a step. Make one little tiny step."

Both experts agreed this isn't a quick journey, but said with set goals and some determination, those New Year's resolutions don't have to fail anytime soon.