UPDATE: Since the airing of KVUE's story about Thompson, he has found his forever home, the Pflugerville Animal Shelter announced Friday morning.

Kyrra Daniel posted photos of a very happy Thompson -- and her even happier children -- in his new home:

"We are so happy for him to be apart of our family my kids absolutely love him," Daniel said in the Facebook post. "He had fun destroying all the stuffed toys our dachshund rarely plays with!"

ORIGINAL STORY: Day after day. Week after week. And now approaching year after year. For Thompson, an affable American Bulldog, the Pflugerville Animal shelter is his home, a fate staff members are trying to change.

"(Thompson) came in as a really hard-luck story. He was caught in the Memorial Day flooding in 2015. A lady found him caught in some fencing and debris," explained Rhonda McLendon, who runs the shelter.

At first, Thompson struggled in the shelter and working with volunteers.

"Well, his main thing was he was a real puller when you’d try and walk him. And he really needed some training. And we’ve had volunteers who’ve really been working on that with him, helping getting those manners in place to where people can enjoy walking him," McLendon explained.

After spending just a few moments with Thompson, you're drawn to his smile.

"His smile is infectious, and that's one of the things I really love about him," McLendon said.

"Even though he has been through lots of trials in his life, we don’t know where he was before he came here, but being here two years, it seems like that would do it to any dog. But he’s still a happy dog," said Diane Ruetz, a volunteer.

His appearance has potentially made his placement more challenging.

"They think 'oh, he's just too big, and he's scary.' That's really not the way he is," Ruetz explained.

"He has a real joy for life and a real joy for people. Unfortunately, his looks are a little beat up – he’s a little crossed eyed. But he’s a great dog, and he just ends that right person," said McLendon.

"He deserves a good home because he will spread love around. He's a big dog, and he's got enough love for everybody," Ruetz added.

Thompson weighs 80 pounds, is neutered and potty-trained. McLendon said he gets along well with kids and puppies, but not cats.

During field trips, he's a favorite amongst students. There are a couple visits lined up for Thompson, as staff and volunteers try and find a forever home, making sure this dog will have his day.

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