A dog who escaped quarantine at the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter has been found and is on his way back to shelter officials.

The City of San Marcos said a woman found Lucky the dog on Old Martindale Road and took the animal to Tickle-Blagg Animal Hospital. Once they posted his picture on Facebook, the shelter recognized him and arranged for him to be brought back.


A dog quarantined at the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter for biting a family member escaped out of its kennel, and now, authorities seek help tracking the animal down.

Officials said the dog named Lucky broke out of the shelter, located in the 750 block of River Road between 10:45 p.m. June 19 and 6 a.m. June 20.

Lucky belongs to a family in an unincorporated part of Hays County near Buda. However, after biting a family member, the animal was removed from the household and is expected to complete a state-mandated quarantine observation period.

Animal control officials said they believe the dog is friendly and that the bite may have been accidental.

Officials ask people to make minimal contact with the dog when it's found.

Call the San Marcos Animal Shelter, 512.805.2655 or Hays County Animal Control, 512.393.7896 during regular business hours or SMPD 512.753.2108 after hours, and animal control officers will be dispatched to pick up the dog.