Thousands of people headed to the emergency room on Thanksgiving in 2016.

Doctors saw more than 36,000 patients, according to Business Insider.

Darla Zarndt, DO, said cuts and burns are the two common injuries doctors see on the holiday.

"Cuts from cooking utensils, knives, burns from cooking, stove tops, ovens, fall injuries from decorations, playing around in the yard with family members, fractures, bone breaks, things like that," she said.

Dr. Zarndt said the injuries tend to come in waves.

"It'll be quiet one second, and then all of a sudden it just hits the fan with people coming in," said Dr. Zarndt.

She said one cause of the increase in patients is the larger number of people in the kitchen.

"Lots of friends and family members gathering in small, confined spaces, excited for the holidays, off of work," she explained alcohol tends to play a factor in many of the injuries. "Getting rowdy over football games, eating too much leads to chaos and injuries and illness."

She also reminded people that food needs to be refrigerated after two hours or else they could get a bacterial infection after eating it, which could also land them in the doctor's office.