Austin is the No. 1 most desirable city where “everyone wants to live right now,” according to Business Insider. And that appears to be bothering a lot of Austinites.

In a Facebook post sharing the new ranking, KVUE followers didn’t hesitate to express their negative feelings towards the positive publicity.

“Nah it sucks, it’s all hype. Don’t come here,” quipped Eric Flores. “Oh and SXSW is a myth, never actually happens. The BBQ is subpar and uhhhh….we have lots of snakes. Don’t come.”

Dozens among dozens of commenters agreed — though many not so kindly — using various reasons like high costs of living, traffic, overpopulation, parking problems and gentrification to urge people not to move here.

“Man this sounds exactly like people talking about Portland, or people talking about San Francisco,” reacted Jim Cook. “The fact of the matter is, you’re not going to stop people from moving to a desirable area.”

Portland, Oregon, also made Business Insider’s list at tenth place, along with cities like Phoenix, Arizona (6); Charlotte, North Carolina (5); Nashville, Tennessee (4); and Jacksonville, Florida (2).

Some Facebook users appeared to agree that Austin really is desirable, but still urged others not to move here.

“Do not move to Austin,” Adam Bray jibed. “The food has gluten in it. Try Seattle or Portland instead.”

“Fake news,” said Diana Moreno. “Everyone turn around and go home!”

Another commented with an image imitating the Hollywood sign that replaced the iconic lettering with the words, “STOP MOVING TO AUSTIN.”

A few users even took a jab at Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott, who recently made comments about the city that many have taken negatively.

“But it stinks here, according to the governor,” said Elizabeth Goble.

While it may seem negativity was the strongest feeling toward Austin’s top ranking, that didn’t stop some optimistic Austinites from making their opinions heard.

“Austin is the greatest city, no contest,” wrote Austin Hightower. “Great weather, a beautiful river, an incredible cityscape with rolling hills. Nice people, great nightlife, good live music, lots of festivals, etc. The condos have great views too.”

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