Game developers are competing in downtown Austin Sunday evening to create a video game meant to stop hatred.

The Anti-Defamation League is hosting a "hackathon" in downtown Austin.

Volunteer programmers are working to create a video game to teach children about becoming an ally to targeted communities.

The game is also meant to educate about bullying and help people identify who is being targeted.

One of the developers, Latif Masud, a hackathon volunteer, said he hopes to teach kids about bias through the game.

"I think bias starts at a much younger age than people think it does,” said Masud. “To kind of keep their minds open about things. So as they get older they can evaluate situations better."

Masud said he is basing his game on personal experience.

"I grew up right outside of Detroit,” Masud said. “Every time I say I'm from Detroit everyone kind of takes a step back and says ‘oh you must feel a lot better about being in Austin or Houston.’ But it's not as bad as people think.”

Masud said he wants to teach people about getting to know each other before judging them.

Programmers are competing against developers in New York and California.

The winning game will be shown at the Anti-Defamation League's national conference on combating hate.

For more information on the hackathon, CLICK HERE.