When a desperate couple walked into the Seguin Police Department, officers didn't have to go far to find someone able to protect and serve. "We're not sure what brought them to our police station because they were from out of town," Deputy Chief Bruce Ure, said.

On Sunday, a man and his wife came into the station looking for help. They hadn't eaten in three days.

"It wasn't even a conversation, we just automatically started taking money out," Denera White, with Seguin Police Department dispatch, said. "He was very humble and you could tell it came from his heart."

Police officers and dispatch emptied their pockets and purses, scrapping together $62 to help the couple.

"Food pantries and Salvation Army, they're great organizations," Ure said. "But on a Sunday, on the fly when you're hungry, you can't tell somebody come back in two days, especially on the Labor Day weekend."

Instead, the police department answered the call for help themselves. It touched the couple so much that days later, they hand-wrote a note for the station.

"We have hearts," White said. "We don't always encounter people on their best day so sometimes the perception is negative but we do understand."