A great deal of Nick Bare's life in the Army was spent in front of a camera. He has a huge following on social media where he shares videos that show things like what it's like to do a ruck march, which is a common exercise for those who serve in the armed forces.

But Bare's next ruck march won’t be an Army exercise - the goal of this march is to help Harvey survivors.

“Being in Texas, we see how it affects Houston a lot better than people in Washington or California across the country,” Bare said.

The ruck march will start in Austin and end in Houston.

It requires military members to carry 35 pounds on their backs and walk a certain distance.The march usually is done in full uniform, including boots, helmet and other items.

The distance from Austin to Houston is around 150 miles. Bare says his longest ruck march was 26 miles.

“We're trying to do 50 miles a day, so we are really pushing it. We’re giving ourselves five days,” Bare said.

Bare has a lot of support from those donating to the cause on his GoFundMe page. He says all donations will go to the Red Cross after the march.

“You see the people that are hurting and struggling down there and you want to give people a reason to come together build a community and help the people that are hurting,”Bare said

For more on Bare’s march or to donate click here.