The idea of raising $1 million could seem overwhelming to most people, but that's not true for Garland Benson.

Garland isn't your average 7th grader. This 12-year-old is on a special mission. He dreams big and is well on his way to making his dreams come true.

"When I grow up, I probably want to be a basketball player because that's my favorite sport," he said.

He hopes to one day make millions playing in the NBA. But before that can happen, he's on a campaign to raise millions for his sister Christiane.

"One time we made a giant lemonade stand around the whole neighborhood. and actually raised a thousand dollars. That was really big," he said.

Garland's sister Christiane suffers from Batten disease: a rare and fatal disorder affecting the nervous system. The Benson family started the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation in 2008 after then 5-year-old Christiane was diagnosed.

In September of 2016, the foundation started the "Be" project, aiming to raise $6 million in just 24 months for people suffering from the disease.

"I probably can't raise $6 million by myself but I can raise a million," he said.

Last spring, Garland came up with a way to contribute with his own "Be a Hero" campaign. As of January, it has already raised more than $200,000.

"I'm like hmmm, what would be an easy way to do this," he said. "And I'm like, 'oh if I just get 100,000 people to give $10 each that would get me to my goal pretty quick.'"

The money would go towards treatment that could slow the progression of the disease in Christiane's body, as well as others suffering from the disease.

"She kind of like just gets up and keeps going. It's pretty cool," he said.

Garland and Christiane are both Daybreak All-Stars and you can be as well. Donating is simple --just text the word HERO 501501. That will fund a $10 donation right to your phone bill. You can also visit Garland's donor page here.