Bumble stood up for one of their female users who claimed she was harassed by a man and told that she should put more effort into "looking tip-top."

On Dec. 14, the location-based social and dating application wrote an open letter to one of its users regarding claims of harassment titled, ‘An Open Letter to Michael.’

According to the letter, a woman said a man named Michael allegedly criticized her appearance and gave her life advice.

Bumble wasted no time giving Michael a piece of their mind.

“Who taught you how to talk like that? Do you think that the 'security' of hiding behind a screen gives you permission to degrade people you don't know? Maybe you didn't know, but we hold people accountable for their actions. We care tremendously about our community and our users' well being. Harassment and misogyny don’t belong on Bumble - and therefore neither do you.”

The letter went on to say, "We're not here to hate you or to punish men as a whole for your immature actions, but we do want to help you to understand how outdated and unacceptable your behavior is."

Bumble noted that they were alerted to the abuse and obtained screenshots. They explained they did not violate any user’s privacy, however, they have taken steps to block users who do not follow Bumbles Terms of Service.

To read the full letter visit the Bumble website.