Austin police are warning the public about Carfentanil, a dangerous street drug being seen more in Austin.

It was originally created to tranquilize large animals, like elephants, with just 13 milligrams.

The effects of this synthetic opioid can be deadly to humans. It's 10,000 times stronger than Morphine, 100 times stronger than Fentanyl and usually bought in powder form.

"They look like little crushed up crystals and then you dissolve them into liquid form," one self-described addict told KVUE.

This man says he buys it online, but lately, Austin police have noticed shipments coming into the city from Mexico.

"For us, it just means taking safety measures that protect us from exposure," said Sgt. Daniel Hill of the Austin Police Department.

When officers believe they may have come in contact with it, they wear thicker gloves and specialized masks.

"Just the risk is extremely high for an overdose," Hill said.

Health experts saying less than 1 milligram can be lethal and drugs like Narcan, which have been lifesavers to many addicts who overdose, are not as effective on Carfentanil.

Austin police say the main goal is to get people to understand just how dangerous this drug is so that they will avoid it.

Anyone with information about Carfentanil dealers in Austin is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 512-472-8477.