Earlier this year, the Swiss Alp Dance Hall in Schulenburg went up for sale on eBay.

Now, after about 100 bids, the building has new owners.

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The Swiss Alps Dance Hall is full of history.

"It brought people together,” said Delisa Pettit.

But it's modern day technology that attracted the new owners.

"That's what caught our eye,” said Pettit.

Pettit and her husband Ron, from Bastrop, saw the historic Swiss Alp dance hall for sale on eBay after it had been on the market for a few years.

That’s when they boot-scooted into action.

"Well I was a little concerned, to be honest, and concerned that the wrong person might get it,” said Delisa. "I was just concerned for the local area, I didn't want to have someone come in and just plow it all down.”

The couple entered a bid on eBay, but eventually contacted the property’s realtors.

They also bought six acres and plan to live on the property.

"You know what, that's a great deal,” said Ron.

They said want to honor the dance hall's history, but also make it a more versatile venue for parties or weddings.

"To utilize the property more, it's been here for a long time, and it's served its purpose as just a dance hall, now we'd like to use it as a venue,” said Delisa.

So while still hosting dances, they also plan to make a few upgrades.

"This back wall here, we'd like to move some of the equipment that's there, and utilize the back wall as a bench, and put some seating in front of it,” said Delisa, as she showed KVUE some of the changes they want to make.

"We just want to modernize it a little, not take away from the country, you know in the days past," said Ron. "There's things we're going to do, but not really take away from the dance hall itself, the historical integrity, we're going to keep it.”

They plan to put in air conditioning, upgrade the stage and add a parking lot.

"It will bring in a lot more cars, it will bring them off the street, cause right now they park on the side of the street, all the way down the street,” the couple said.

They also want to add new light fixtures, update the bathrooms, install new signage and turn the old grill into a space for caterers.

"Our goal right now is pretty much dressing up the outside, doing all the aesthetics," said Ron. "We just want to make it for the people that grew up here, to walk in and see this is amazing."

“It's kind of a four-, five-year project,” said Delisa.

It's a project the couple said they can do as a sort of retirement.

"We're still working, and Ron needs lots of projects,” said Delisa.

A project they say will preserve a bit of Texas history

"Dancing, it's definitely, it ain’t going out of style, we're not going to stop doing that," said Delisa.

While at the same time, helping future generations create new memories.

"Numerous generations that have gathered here, and they want to walk in, even their children, and we want to keep that, restore that,” said Ron.

"To love it, to bring it to where it needs to be,” said Delisa. "It just needs to be taken care of, loved."