Thousands of DACA recipients live and work in Texas and many of them contribute to the Austin economy.

William Mellor, vice president of Angelou Economics said rolling back DACA has a negative effect on our economy.

His firm works with the City of Austin and the Texas comptroller's office.

Mellor said an undocumented immigrant pays about $20,000 more into state services than he or she draws out.

In an affluent city like Austin, many of the DACA population, who came here at a young age, pursued and achieved at higher level jobs compared to their parents in this country.

Mellor also points out if Congress does not act on DACA, those who benefit from the program can lose their jobs.

Mellor said American residents and citizens can eventually take those jobs. But in the short run, there will be an employment gap.

"So what's going to happen is you're going to see losses to productivity,” said Mellor. “Losses to wages and ultimately losses in buying power, spending power.”

Mellor also said immigrants are generally two times more likely to be an entrepreneur than people born here.

“You’re going to be taking entrepreneurs out of the economy," Mellor said. "So when you take entrepreneurs out of the economy, that’s businesses that are leaving, and ultimately jobs that are leaving.”

He also said immigrant company founders employ one of every 10 workers in the US.